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FliPCrêpes is a FliP Brands Company, that offers Healthy Made-to-Order Food. FliPCrêpes started selling Crêpes in Chicago Farmers Markets back in 2003.

The company got its name from an old French tradition, where farmers used to flip Crêpes in a pan, holding a Golden Coin in one hand, while making a wish for cropping season to start soon; the flipping was symbolic. Crêpes are a humble food; Farmers were making them when running out of food in the middle of harsh winters.

In December 2009, we opened our first location inside the Chicago French Markets, at the Ogilvy Transportation Center. We now offer a variety of original Healthy recipes that are wrapped inside a stone ground Wheat crêpe & Gluten Free! It's Good for everyone and at anytime of the day; FliP Crêpes also offer an outstanding choice of Crêpes Made Fresh & totally customizable!

We also cater private events and corporations and offer cooking classes on the art of making Crêpes as well.


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