Greaser Pad Holder

Clean & Lubricate hot surfaces!
Greaser Pad
Greaser Pad
Greaser Pad
Greaser Pad
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Our Greaser Pad is specifically designed to clean, lightly lubricate and prevent the excess of grease on your cooking surface, such as crêpe griddles, Plancha & pans or any flat cooking surface.

  • Uses same felt pad as ATG1 from Krampouz®
  • Handle is 3" tall made of extra heavy duty Phelonic resin/Does not Melt
  • Height: 3.1/4" , Weight: 5.3/8oz
  • Easy to take apart & clean

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All parts except for Felt Pads are made in USA.

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Our Crêpe Griddle Greaser Pad Holder, was specifically designed to clean and lightly lubricate the cooking surface of our crêpe griddles (Billig), and prevent excess of grease on your cooking surface, but they can be used at home on Plancha & pans as well.

HOW TO USE: Insert the felt pad in the pad holder. Apply a small quantity cooking oil or butter directly on the felt pad and gently wipe/lubricate your flat cooking surface. Re-apply oil on cooking surface in between each cooking.

TIPS & MAINTENANCE: Occasionally clean pad with a sharp blade. Do not leave on cooking surface. Once one side is worn out, remove pad with a blade and flip over. Depending on utilization, felt pads will last up to several months.

SPECS & COMPATIBILITY: Our FliP Greaser Pad, uses the same Ø70 mm felt pads as the ATG1 from Krampouz®. The Greaser Pad holder comes with 1 felt pad. Handle is 3" tall made of extra heavy duty Phelonic resin, and felt holder base is 1/4" thick aluminum, designed to maximize the lifespan of the felt pad. Height: 3.1/4", Weight: 6.1oz. The Greaser pad Pad is easy to take apart & clean.

Height 3.1/4"
Diameter 3.5"
Weight 6.1oz
Base Material Food Safe Treated Aluminium
Handle Material Composite Phelonic resin