FliP crêpes Mixing Instructions
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FliP crêpes Mixing Instructions


Making the best gluten free crêpes with the FliP crêpes mix is easy as 1. 2. 3.  See our recommended recipes, instruction video and tips below. 

Original Recipe

For 1 Cup of Mix (approx 150gr)
Add 2 eggs (large) 
1 Cup of milk (for a thinner crêpe 1 .25 cup of milk) 
1 tbsp of canola oil or melted butter (optional)

Dairy Free Recipe

For 1 Cup of Mix (approx 150gr) 
Add 2 eggs (large) 
1 Cup of Almond or rice Milk milk (for a thinner crêpe 1 1/3 cup of milk) 
1 tbsp of canola oil or melted butter (optional)



1. Place Mix in a 3-4 Qt Bowl
2. Add egg, oil (butter) first
3. Add 1/2 portion of milk and mix until smooth
4. Add remainder of milk and stir slowly.
5. For extra flavoring, add 1/2 oz of dark rum, Bourbon/Whiskey.


1. Preheat pan over medium/medium-high heat (400F-425F)
2. Once the pan is hot, grease it up with canola oil or butter wiping excess with paper towel on Flipcrêpes's Wiper.
3. Pour batter in pan and tilt in circular motion so it coats the surface evenly.
4. Cook until the edge become light brown, flip crêpe and cook the other side to lightly or to taste.


The results will vary and depend on a few factors: your batter thickness, the type of pan (metal) you are using, the heat and temperature control and your pour.

The recipe on the back of our packaging is a recommendation for new users. As you practice you may want to add a little more milk to obtain thinner batter. We recommend up to 1 1/4cup milk per 1 cup of mix. 

Getting your pan at the right temperature is very important.Depending on the type of pan your are using, it may take more time and power to get to the right temperature and maintain that temperature. Temperature should reach 400F. Rule of thumb: if you use butter to grease up pan, you should hear a nice sizzle sound.

Crêpe pans have a particular shape with low edges to make it easier to shape the crêpe round and flip it. Some pans are made from Aluminium cast, others from mineral steel or cast iron. Each metal will disperse and retain heat differently

Pour : Pouring too much batter in your pan will result in getting a crêpe that is too thick. Crêpe pans come in different sizes,
We recommend :
- 2oz or a 1/4 measuring cup for a 8.5"-9" pan.
- 3oz or a 1/3 measuring cup for a 10.5"-11.5" pan. 

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